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September 1 2011 5 01 /09 /September /2011 08:41

Matchpoint1.yolasite.com is a free website that provides you with top betting tips in the world of men's professional tennis. This article looks at the website in more detail.


Matchpoint1.yolasite.com has two different sections; one providing top betting tips on the main ATP world tour, and one providing top betting tips on the ATP challenger tour. The top tipsters from the site use their own in-depth knowledge as well as tennis stats and figures to project the most likely outcome of a selection of matches. The site is updated on a daily basis and is completely free.

Success rate

The site does have a very good track record with around 70-75% of their picks winning, meaning that users who have matched all of their picks have all made a healthy profit. The site normally provides two to four picks each day from the ATP world tour and a couple from the ATP challenger tour. The success rate is higher from the ATP world tour section. However, the challenger tour section is great as the challenger tours are not very well reviewed or televised, so it is hard to do your own research on them.

Author's suggestion

The site is fairly new (as of August 2011) but is growing in size and popularity, so get on this site before they become bigger and start charging for their superb betting tips!

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Published by James Hughes - in Tennis
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August 9 2011 3 09 /08 /August /2011 09:44

When buying a mobile phone, there are many things that you should consider. This article details our top five tips for buying mobile phones in the U.K.

Pick your company

Before choosing a phone, if you're not already tied into mobile plans, you will need to select a carrier. O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile are the major nationwide wireless providers.

However, you can purchase a plan through smaller companies as well. Service offerings vary from region to region, so you should know what's available. These can be found out by visiting the phone company shops that can be found in all High-Street by visiting phone retailers such as Phones4you and the Carphone Warehouse.

Check your location

Coverage should be one of the most important factors in picking a carrier. After all, there's no point in having a mobile phone if you have no reception. If you have ever owned a mobile phone, you know how geographically sensitive mobile phones can be.

Step an inch to the left and your reception suddenly cuts out. When doing your research, your best bet will be to ask everyone around you how their service ranks and, again, ask in phone shops about their local coverage.

Compare plans

All carriers have several calling plans usually broken down by minutes used per month.

Look at old phone bills to see how many minutes you average and then choose your plan accordingly.

Take note of your calling patterns and when peak and off-peak hours begin. Also, you should ensure that you get the best phone tariffs to suit your specific needs.

Test the phones

If you are going to buy a phone online, go to your phone provider's store and check out the unit in person. Do you like the way it feels in your hand? Are the screen and buttons big enough? Is it too heavy? You do not want to buy a phone without testing it and then realise that you do not like. This will be a waste of time and money.

Phones for kids

If you are buying a phone for your child, which many people do these days, you may want to consider one with restricted features. Alternatively, you can ask your provider if there is a way to limit certain features or apply parental controls.

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Published by James Hughes - in Mobile communications
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August 5 2011 6 05 /08 /August /2011 14:31

Elephants are fascinating creatures as a species but their babies are also extremely interesting in their own way. This article takes a look at some interesting facts regarding baby elephants.

Gestation period

The gestation period of an animal is roughly the amount of time it takes for a baby to form in its mother's womb before it is born. This varies among every different species of animal on earth, with the human gestation period being nine months. Amazingly, elephants actually have the longest gestation period out of any living animal on earth at a staggering two years. Once they are finally born, baby elephant cubs are known as calves.

Babies weight

New-born elephants are born with an incredible mass of between 77 kg and

113 kg. Despite their huge weight, this represents only around 4% of an adult female's weight and only 2% of an adult male, hence showing us just how big elephants are and just how much they weigh when they become adults.


Baby elephants feed on 11.4 litres of milk a day which, like most animals, is provided by their mothers. The weaning period to get them off their mother's milk is also a large amount, with elephants feeding from their mothers until the age of ten. An interesting fact about baby elephants when it comes to feeding is that almost immediately after a calf is born, the mother helps it to its feet and an elephant can automatically stand up. This is vital as the baby needs to be able to stand to be able to feed himself from his mother.

Growing up

When it is born, a baby elephant's brain is about 30 - 40% the size of an adult's brain. Just like a human brain, an elephant brain also is effectively a clean slate and must be taught how to live. Elephants are taught to be amazingly sociable, which is important as if a calf's mother is to be attacked and the calf is orphaned for some reason, the baby elephant will already have the necessary skills to be able to interact with the rest of its herd.

The trunk

When a baby is first born, its trunk is pretty useless as it does not understand what it is or how to use it. Over time, and as it matures and learns about the world around it, the elephant learns how to use it and eventually develops into an adult elephant. An adult elephant is one of the most powerful animals in the world.

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Published by James Hughes - in Wild animals
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July 28 2011 5 28 /07 /July /2011 09:07

Rugby League shirts may not be as readily available as football shirts or even Rugby Union shirts, but there are many choices if you take the time to search the market. This article will give details on the best places for you to purchase UK Rugby League tops as well as Rugby League shirts from international sides and top club sides from around the world.

Club websites/ club shops

All professional Rugby League clubs will have their own online stores which can be found by using search engines. You can also opt for club shops where official rugby shirts as well as an array of other official rugby gears are available. These stores are normally found at the Rugby Clubs ground. They sell their merchandise at top retail prices, but of course, all the money goes directly to the club. Furthermore, the shirts are guaranteed to be official.

Official England International Rugby league shirts as well as England Rugby League Lions can be found online at Rugbyleagueonline.co.uk.

Lovell Rugby

Lovell Rugby is an online sports store which sells official Rugby jerseys for all Super League teams and International Rugby League teams and club apart from Australia and New Zealand.

Lovell Sports does tend to sell its shirts at top retail price, implying that it is not a cheap option. However, its collection of shirts is vast, but it does not stock other Rugby League equipment. It also delivers straight to your door and it is a well-known and reliable outlet.

JJB online and in store

Discounted prices

JJB stocks a good number of Rugby League shirts in its retail shops as well as in its online store. Like the other stores, it tends to sell club home shirts at top retail prices. However, discounted prices are also offered on some away shirts as well as on junior shirts.

Other available things

Unlike Lovell Rugby, JJB does not just sell shirts, but it also sells full kits.

Shorts and socks are available for all Super League sides. JJB stores are very popular and can be found in most High Street's stores, while its online store is as reliable as Lovell Sports. JJB is a well-known and well-established brand.

Rugby player diving to score between the post
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July 28 2011 5 28 /07 /July /2011 07:19

J Shin is an American R & B singer. He is best known for the 1999 hit single, 'One Night Stand.' This article will attempt at providing a biography of J-Shin.

Jonathan Shinhoster

Early life

J Shin was born Jonathan Shinhoster in Liberty City in the state of Florida in 1978. Shinhoster went to Miami Northwestern and Edison High Schools and he planned to pursue a career in American football before he was seriously injured in a car accident.

From football to music

It was at this point that Shinhoster turned his attention to music. He began by selling tapes out of the boot of his car to make a bit of money and also to raise his profile. His initial break came when he was asked to appear on the artist Trick Daddy's single, Hold on.'

Shinhoster was noticed by a few record companies and in 1998, he signed to Slip-N-Slide records and began work on his stage performing and on his very first professional music album.

His music

My Soul, My Life

Shinhoster took on the stage name of J Shin and released his debut album, entitled 'My Soul, My Life' in 1999 along with two singles. The first of these singles, 'One Night Stand' is J Shin's most well-known record and sold over 450,000 copies and featured Latocha Scott from Xscape.

I Treat You Better

The second single that was released from the album was entitled, 'I Treat You Better.' Shin released music videos for both of these videos.

Shin became known for his natural vocal gifts and for using his gritty real life experiences as a part of his music. He has a unique sounding voice which makes his music his own.

Present day

As of 2006, J Shin signed to South Beat records and released his second album in September 2006 entitled, 'All I Got is Love.' In 2009, Shin released his first mix tape entitled, 'The R & B General Volume. 1' and it was released for free.

J Shin as actor

Despite releasing this new music, J Shin has stepped away from the music industry in recent years and has taken up acting. In 2005, he co- starred in the movie 'Crossbones' which also contains one of his earlier tracks, 'Candy Licker.'

reggae colors
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July 27 2011 4 27 /07 /July /2011 13:06

It is generally thought that people living longer is a good thing. For individuals, of course, it is a good thing but the overall effect that human population growth has on the world can be extremely bad. This article provides you with facts on human population growth.

Strain on hospitals

Hospitals are always under enough strain as it is, as they struggle with resources and funding. Therefore, if people live longer and live to an older age, the number of people being admitted to hospitals will increase and thus, put further strain on the hospitals' resources. Already with a shortage of beds and overuse of equipment in hospitals, if the population continues to grow all over the world, then this will just get worse and worse.

Strain on government finances

If hospitals face strain from the increase in population growth, then so will the government and their finances. Governments will inevitably have to pump more money into hospitals in order to help them to cope with the situation, but the biggest strain on government finances comes through pensions.

As more people live longer, the government will have to pay more on state pensions, and with many countries' governments already in huge debt, they simply cannot afford to pay such high numbers.

The environment

With a growing population comes growing environmental concerns. As more people live, more homes will have to be built, which means that open spaces are being used up to build houses on and more fossils fuels are being burnt in order to provide these people with power. Even little things such as more rubbish being made by these people will have an adverse affect on the environment.

With older people being less mobile, they will burn more fossil fuels as they need this sort of power to be able to get on with their everyday lives. If they cannot go out much, then they use more power by staying in.


As people are now living longer, they also remain fitter up to a later age, which means that older people become more capable of working. As this number of people increases with overpopulation, more jobs will be taken up, which means that consequently, unemployment will rise, particularly amongst the younger generation.

Crowd to meet T.R. at Chicago (LOC)
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July 27 2011 4 27 /07 /July /2011 10:29

Drawing cars can be very difficult when you do not know how. In this article, we look at how to draw a car, specifically the Italian super car, a Ferrari in easy "how to draw" step-by-step instructions.

The frame

Before we start the Ferrari drawing, you have to know the car. Ferrari make sport cars and therefore, the length and the height ratio is different from a normal car. Make sure that you have a picture of a Ferrari in front of you before drawing because it can be very complicated to draw. Start by drawing out the lines for the frame of the car and circles for the Ferrari's wheels. Draw out thin lines and do it in pencil so that it can be removed easily in the later step.

Roof and wheels

Now, we need to draw the roof, hood, and wheel of the car. Draw some gentle curve lines to form the car body. This is an important step as it determines the shape of your car and what it will look like at the end. Make sure you apply the curved shape to the bonnet as well and rub out the lines from the original frame. Draw another two smaller circles inside of the wheels to make them look more pimped out.

The doors

The next step is to draw the Ferrari's car door. Since it is a 2D drawing, you will only need to draw one door as the Ferrari on which we are basing ourselves is only a two-door car. Base the shape and style of your door on what you have on your own picture of a Ferrari as they vary from model to model.

Body lines

Now, you need to draw the body line. Follow your own picture to know where the exact lines go on your car. Make sure that you do place two lines at the car's front end and also a small square box on the bonnet to make it look sporty. Add a small exhaust pipe sticking out of the end of the car, small circles for wing mirrors and a small circle towards the rear of the car for a petrol cap.

Completing the car

In order to complete your car, add any extra accessories that you want to put onto your car and colour it in whichever colour you like.

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July 26 2011 3 26 /07 /July /2011 12:05

Golf is a sport that is filled with terminology that is only relevant to the sport. Therefore, for people who are not familiar with the sport, golf terms can be confusing. This article provides you with a brief guide of golfing terminology.


All golf holes have a set amount of shots that it is expected. A golfer should get the ball in the hole in. This expected number of shots is known as par. Par is also the expected number of shots a golfer is expected to do the entire course in. Holes are either a Par 3 hole, Par 4 or Par 5 whilst course pars can vary.


Birdie is one of the golfing phrases for hitting and completing a golf hole in a number of shots that is one under par. For example, a birdie on a par four hole would be completing the hole in three shots whilst a birdie on a par five hole would be completing the hole in four shots.


A bogey is a phrase used to explain completing a hole in a number of shots that is one over par. So, for example, completing a par four hole in five shots would be a bogey. Completing a par four hole in six shots is known as a double bogey and completing a hole three shots above par is known as a triple bogey.


An albatross is a golfing term used to describe completing a hole in three shots under par. This term is only applicable to par five holes and is used if somebody completes the hole in just two shots.


An eagle is a term used to describe completing a hole in two shots under par. So, for example, completing a par four hole in just two shots is known as an eagle.

Hole in one

A hole in one is exactly what it says it is, hitting the ball in the hole off the tee in just one shot. Par three holes are the most common holes for somebody to get a hole in one in because they are the shortest.


A bunker is also known as a sand trap and is a hole in the ground purposely put on a on a course that is full of sand. It is designed to catch players out and make the course more difficult.

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July 26 2011 3 26 /07 /July /2011 08:21

Optical illusions are characterised by perceived images that differ from objective reality. Information that is given to the eye is processed by the brain to give a perception of reality. Sometimes, the brain gets things slightly confused and this results in it interpreting things differently to how they actually are. There are a number of famous optical illusions and this article details five of them.

The Chubb illusion

The Chubb illusion is an optical illusion in which the apparent brightness of an object varies dramatically depending on how it is presented. For instance, a dark object surrounded by darker objects may appear brighter than an actually brighter object, surrounded by even brighter objects. This was observed and documented by Chubb and colleagues in 1989.

The Hermann grid illusion

The Hermann grid illusion is a very cool optical illusion that produces the illusion that there are grey spots or squares at the intersections of black squares within the grid. This works as the eye struggles to separate the black colour of the squares from the white intersections resulting in white blurs in between the squares.

The Hering illusion

The Hering illusion is an optical illusion discovered by the German physiologist Ewald Hering in 1861. It consists of two straight horizontal lines that look as if they are bowed outwards. This distortion is produced by the lined pattern on the background that simulates a perspective design, and creates a false impression of depth. When looking at this illusion you may note that the thinner straight line appears more bowed than the thicker straight line.

The Jastraw illusion

The Jastrow illusion is an optical illusion discovered by the American psychologist Joseph Jastrow in 1889. In the illusion, two figures appear that are identical to each other with one sat upon the other. The illusion gives the impression that the lower figure appears to be larger than the one sat above.

The Ebbinghaus illusion

The Ebbinghaus illusion is named after its discoverer, Hermann Ebbinghaus and is an optical illusion of relative size perception. If two circles of identical size are placed next to each other and one is surrounded by large circles and the other is surrounded by small circles, then the second central circle will appear smaller than the first central circle.

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July 25 2011 2 25 /07 /July /2011 14:15

Basketball is a tremendously popular sport, especially in the United States of America, and as a result there are a large number of basketball computer games available online. This article explains where to find free online basketball games and how the games work.

A game


Agame.com has a massive selection of free fun basketball games available on their website. They are all fairly basic but are still good fun. They range from semi-serious games such as 'street ball', with the aim of the game being to score more points than the computer, through to 'crazy hoops basketball' where you have to throw the ball through moving baskets.

This game in particular is very addictive as you continuously try to break your high score. It will keep you amused for a while and while it's free, you may as well give it a go.


Candystand. com

Candystand. com is another website that plays host to a number of basketball games. Titles exist such as '3- point shootout' and 'Globetrotters: Dunk- Off.' These games, like the games on Agame, are very basic but are still fairly addictive.

Lead game

The lead game on the website is a game called, 'H. O. R. S. E.' This game works in the same way that the playground football game, 'S. P. O. T' works.

The aim is to shoot free throws and every time you miss, you get a letter added to your score. The first person to obtain all of the letters to spell out the word 'Horse' loses. This game is quite hard to get to grips with at first but does become fairly addictive, especially if you keep losing.


Basketballonly. com

Basketballonly. com is, unsurprisingly, an online website dedicated to basketball games. The games are essentially links to games from other websites. The website is effectively a basketball game search engine which includes games from the websites that we have already talked about.

Other games are on here though with titles such as, 'Bunny B-Ball' which allow you to take on the character of little bunnies taking free throws and 'Ultimate Mega Hoops' which is a version of the, 'Crazy hoops' game from Agame.com.

3d basketball isolated on a white background
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