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July 21 2011 5 21 /07 /July /2011 08:38

Document destruction is a key policy for most workplaces as well as homeowners in order to protect their security. There are many benefits to document destruction which many of them revolving around secruity. Here are some of them:

Why destroy your documents?

Many documents which are thrown away from households and from businesses contain very important personal information. This could be financial information such as details about bank accounts or personal identification but it could also be things that you would not even think about. For example, details of which school your child goes to detailed on letters which are sent home or even which supermarket you shop at which could be given away by statements or vouchers sent to you should be destroyed. All of these documents give away personal information about yourself which could be used by others for their own game.

Once a document is in the bins on the street, it becomes public property. This means that it can be accessed and kept by anybody who may come across it. It is illegal for somebody to go through your bins to find this information but this does not mean that it could not happen. It is not worth taking risks.

The paper shredder

There are many different methods of destroying documents. One of the most popular is the paper shredder. Paper shredders are frequently used around offices for office shredding as well as at home. The benefit of having a paper shredder is that once the paper has been shredded, it would be virtually impossible for anybody who came across the shredded scraps of paper to piece it together again. This means that any documents that you have thrown out will almost certainly be safe. Cross shredding (shredding horizontally as opposed to vertically) is a good method for shredding because this makes it even harder to piece paper back together.

Wet the paper

A cheaper, though much messier method of disposing of paper documents securely, is to fill your sink up with water, place all of your documents in to the sink and then mash them up. Not only will the paper be destroyed but the ink will also run with not much evidence of a document remaining. However, as already mentioned, this can leave quite a mess and will need clearing up.

Paper shredder

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