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July 27 2011 4 27 /07 /July /2011 10:29

Drawing cars can be very difficult when you do not know how. In this article, we look at how to draw a car, specifically the Italian super car, a Ferrari in easy "how to draw" step-by-step instructions.

The frame

Before we start the Ferrari drawing, you have to know the car. Ferrari make sport cars and therefore, the length and the height ratio is different from a normal car. Make sure that you have a picture of a Ferrari in front of you before drawing because it can be very complicated to draw. Start by drawing out the lines for the frame of the car and circles for the Ferrari's wheels. Draw out thin lines and do it in pencil so that it can be removed easily in the later step.

Roof and wheels

Now, we need to draw the roof, hood, and wheel of the car. Draw some gentle curve lines to form the car body. This is an important step as it determines the shape of your car and what it will look like at the end. Make sure you apply the curved shape to the bonnet as well and rub out the lines from the original frame. Draw another two smaller circles inside of the wheels to make them look more pimped out.

The doors

The next step is to draw the Ferrari's car door. Since it is a 2D drawing, you will only need to draw one door as the Ferrari on which we are basing ourselves is only a two-door car. Base the shape and style of your door on what you have on your own picture of a Ferrari as they vary from model to model.

Body lines

Now, you need to draw the body line. Follow your own picture to know where the exact lines go on your car. Make sure that you do place two lines at the car's front end and also a small square box on the bonnet to make it look sporty. Add a small exhaust pipe sticking out of the end of the car, small circles for wing mirrors and a small circle towards the rear of the car for a petrol cap.

Completing the car

In order to complete your car, add any extra accessories that you want to put onto your car and colour it in whichever colour you like.

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