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July 27 2011 4 27 /07 /July /2011 13:06

It is generally thought that people living longer is a good thing. For individuals, of course, it is a good thing but the overall effect that human population growth has on the world can be extremely bad. This article provides you with facts on human population growth.

Strain on hospitals

Hospitals are always under enough strain as it is, as they struggle with resources and funding. Therefore, if people live longer and live to an older age, the number of people being admitted to hospitals will increase and thus, put further strain on the hospitals' resources. Already with a shortage of beds and overuse of equipment in hospitals, if the population continues to grow all over the world, then this will just get worse and worse.

Strain on government finances

If hospitals face strain from the increase in population growth, then so will the government and their finances. Governments will inevitably have to pump more money into hospitals in order to help them to cope with the situation, but the biggest strain on government finances comes through pensions.

As more people live longer, the government will have to pay more on state pensions, and with many countries' governments already in huge debt, they simply cannot afford to pay such high numbers.

The environment

With a growing population comes growing environmental concerns. As more people live, more homes will have to be built, which means that open spaces are being used up to build houses on and more fossils fuels are being burnt in order to provide these people with power. Even little things such as more rubbish being made by these people will have an adverse affect on the environment.

With older people being less mobile, they will burn more fossil fuels as they need this sort of power to be able to get on with their everyday lives. If they cannot go out much, then they use more power by staying in.


As people are now living longer, they also remain fitter up to a later age, which means that older people become more capable of working. As this number of people increases with overpopulation, more jobs will be taken up, which means that consequently, unemployment will rise, particularly amongst the younger generation.

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