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June 18 2011 7 18 /06 /June /2011 07:07

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the worlds most successful sport's entertainment company. Most of the WWE super stars use a ring name instead of their real names and it is often intriguing to find out exactly what the top stars' names actually are. Here's how you can do just that.


Search on the true names on Wikipedia

If you are looking for the real name of an individual wrestler, although it is not favoured by all, Wikipedia is a great place to find out the real names of WWE wrestlers.

Simply, type your favourite super stars name in to the search bar and you will be given a whole profile about your chosen wrestler including their real name.

For example, if we type in 'The Undertaker' we are immediately told that the Undertaker's real name is 'Mark William Calaway.'

Wikipedia keeps updating information

Wikipedia has profiles for just about the whole WWE talent roster and ECW talent roster. Another good thing about Wikipedia is that it is always being updated and so every time, a new WWE superstar emerges on to the roster, Wikipedia will nearly always be immediately up-to-date with information about that person.



Angelfire.com is the ideal website if you are searching for a list of WWE wrestlers names. It provides you with the option of the WWE Raw roster, Smackdown roster, WWE ECW superstars as well as a list of wrestlers from the WWE Hall of Fame.

Once on your chosen page, you are provided with a list of ring names with each superstars' real name listed next to it.

Female wrestling list

It also includes a female wrestling list which is mixed in to the men's list. It is quite interesting to do a full sweep of a particular rosters superstar's real names, especially if you are bored one day and Angelfire is perfect for this although it is not completely up-to-date.


Books and biographies on superstars

Reading biographies or autobiographies, often only released by the top stars, is a simple way of finding out the real names of both Raw superstars and Smackdown superstars. Stars such as Triple H, Rey Mysterio and Edge have autobiographies on sale which provide plenty of information not just about the wrestlers' real names, but about who they really are and what they are really like behind their wrestling personas.

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