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July 1 2011 6 01 /07 /July /2011 08:46

Golf tees are small devices which are pushed into the ground and are used to prop a golf ball slightly up in to the air to give a golfer an advantage when hitting their first shot on a hole. This article gives and overview of the pros and cons of personalised golf tees.

What are personalised golf tees?

Personalised golf tees are normal golf tees which have an imprinted message or logo on them either on the stem of the tee or on the top of the tee where the ball is placed. This message might be a company's slogan, somebody's personal name or initials or even a company's logo.


Personalized golf tees are a great way for companies to advertise to a mass audience, especially in the professional game. They can also make a nice gift to somebody who is in to golf if it is personalised for them. There are definite postive points and negtive points to personalised golf tees though.

Positive points

Promotion for the company

Personalised golf tees can be a great way for businesses and companies to promote themselves on the golf course, especially in professional golf when the TV cameras are rolling.

Each time the camera zooms in on the golf ball before it is teed off, the audience will be reminded of the companies brand and it will be imprinted in their mind.

Easy to be found when lost

They can even be useful when it comes to ordinary golf players as tees often get lost and are found thanks to the branding. When another golfer comes across such tee, they will see the branding on the tee. This can also be a great technique with printed golf balls as they are lost and found in the same manner.


For players, they can also be an advantage because it will mean that they will gain added income from the sponsorship of having a company's brand on their tees.

Negative points

The negative points of imprinted golf tees come more from an advertiser's point of view than a player's.

Advertising of another company during an event

If a golf event is already being sponsored, the event organisers probably would not be happy with another company being advertised on the course because they would have already paid a lot of money for their company to be advertised.

Lost and broken easily

On top of this, even though they are fairly inexpensive, tees are reguarly lost or broken (particuarly wooden tees) by players and are constantly having to be replaced which can result in the cost of replacing the tees mounting up

This is a Golf Tee

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