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June 28 2011 3 28 /06 /June /2011 14:18

Ice hockey is a full contact sport and so a lot of equipment is worn by the players for protection. As well as the equipment worn by the players, standard equipment is required in order to play the game.

Standard player equipment

All Ice Hockey players are required to wear ice skates, hockey pads, hockey helmets, hockey gloves, a neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, padded hockey shorts and shin guards. All of this equipment is necessary to insure the players' safety on the ice. Players may also wear a mouth guard although the helmet provides plenty of protection.

A hockey stick

On top of this a player also has a hockey stick usually made up of either wood or composite materials. A lot of players wear a jock strap which protects the genital area as well as keeping it comfortable when playing.

The goalkeepers

Each team's goalkeeper requires added protection as he may take a hockey puck at him at high speed which would cause serious injury without. Goalkeepers wear all of the equipment listed above but on a grander scale. They have thicker blades on their skates, a larger hockey stick, a specialised goalie mask to protect the face, chest and arm protectors, heavily padded trousers and leg pads as well as a catch glove in order to gain an advantage when it comes to saving shots.

Goalie's facemasks

Goalie's facemasks are a big trademark of ice hockey. Some players wear a full face mask whilst others opt for a device called a face cage. In the NHL, it is now mandatory that all goalkeepers must also wear a throat protector in order to protect them from pucks and skate blades.

Match equipment

Ice hockey is played on an ice rink and in order to play, it requires two ice hockey goals towards either end of the ice rink as well as hockey pucks. Pucks are made out of a hard disk of vulcanised rubber and are frozen before a game in order to reduce bounce during play.

Final word

Around each ice rink in the professional game are boards and large, reinforced visors that help keep the puck in play.

Ice hockey team of University of Michigan , Yost ice arena | Source f

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