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July 25 2011 2 25 /07 /July /2011 14:15

Basketball is a tremendously popular sport, especially in the United States of America, and as a result there are a large number of basketball computer games available online. This article explains where to find free online basketball games and how the games work.

A game


Agame.com has a massive selection of free fun basketball games available on their website. They are all fairly basic but are still good fun. They range from semi-serious games such as 'street ball', with the aim of the game being to score more points than the computer, through to 'crazy hoops basketball' where you have to throw the ball through moving baskets.

This game in particular is very addictive as you continuously try to break your high score. It will keep you amused for a while and while it's free, you may as well give it a go.


Candystand. com

Candystand. com is another website that plays host to a number of basketball games. Titles exist such as '3- point shootout' and 'Globetrotters: Dunk- Off.' These games, like the games on Agame, are very basic but are still fairly addictive.

Lead game

The lead game on the website is a game called, 'H. O. R. S. E.' This game works in the same way that the playground football game, 'S. P. O. T' works.

The aim is to shoot free throws and every time you miss, you get a letter added to your score. The first person to obtain all of the letters to spell out the word 'Horse' loses. This game is quite hard to get to grips with at first but does become fairly addictive, especially if you keep losing.


Basketballonly. com

Basketballonly. com is, unsurprisingly, an online website dedicated to basketball games. The games are essentially links to games from other websites. The website is effectively a basketball game search engine which includes games from the websites that we have already talked about.

Other games are on here though with titles such as, 'Bunny B-Ball' which allow you to take on the character of little bunnies taking free throws and 'Ultimate Mega Hoops' which is a version of the, 'Crazy hoops' game from Agame.com.

3d basketball isolated on a white background

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