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July 19 2011 3 19 /07 /July /2011 06:18

Science experiments are a great way of making science become fun for kids. Here are some fun experiments.

Make an egg float

For this experiment, you need an egg, water, salt and a tall drinking glass.

Firstly, pour the water into the glass until it is about half full.

Then, stir in about six tablespoons of salt and then carefully pour in plain water until the glass is nearly full (be careful not to disturb or mix the salty water with the plain water).

Finally, gently lower the egg into the water and it will float when it hits the salt water. This because salted water is more dense than the egg, which means that it rests on top of it.


Quick sand is a fascinating substance and you can make some of your own and experiment on a safe scale. For this experiment, you will need one cup of cornflour, half a cup of water, a large plastic container and a spoon.

Firstly, mix the cornflour and water thoroughly in the container to make your own instant quick sand.

When showing other people how it works, stir slowly and drip the quick sand to show it is a liquid. Stirring it quickly will make it hard and allow you to punch or poke it quickly (this works better if you do it fast rather than hard.)

When you add the correct amount of water, the cornflour becomes very thick, thus giving it the quicksand effect.

Home-made eruption

One of the most popular experiments of modern times is the Diet Coke and Mentos Geyse eruption. For this one, you will need a large bottle of Diet Coke, about half a pack of Mentos and a Geyser tube.

Take this experiment outside to avoid mess and set up the coke bottle vertically.

Put some sort of funnel or tube on top of it so that you can drop half a pack of Mentos in at the same time.

When the Mentos hit the coke, it will fizz up and spray out through the funnel. The record spray reached an incredible 29 feet high!

Fake snot

For this experiment, you need boiling water, a cup, gelatin, corn syrup, a teaspoon and a fork.

Fill half a cup with boiling water and add three teaspoons of gelatin to the boiling water.

Let it soften before stirring with a fork and add a quarter of a cup of corn syrup.

Stir the mixture again with your fork and look at the long strands of 'snot' that have formed. As the mixture cools slowly, add more water, small amounts at a time.

Be safe!

Remember, when conducting these experiments, always be careful and be safe!

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