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July 26 2011 3 26 /07 /July /2011 12:05

Golf is a sport that is filled with terminology that is only relevant to the sport. Therefore, for people who are not familiar with the sport, golf terms can be confusing. This article provides you with a brief guide of golfing terminology.


All golf holes have a set amount of shots that it is expected. A golfer should get the ball in the hole in. This expected number of shots is known as par. Par is also the expected number of shots a golfer is expected to do the entire course in. Holes are either a Par 3 hole, Par 4 or Par 5 whilst course pars can vary.


Birdie is one of the golfing phrases for hitting and completing a golf hole in a number of shots that is one under par. For example, a birdie on a par four hole would be completing the hole in three shots whilst a birdie on a par five hole would be completing the hole in four shots.


A bogey is a phrase used to explain completing a hole in a number of shots that is one over par. So, for example, completing a par four hole in five shots would be a bogey. Completing a par four hole in six shots is known as a double bogey and completing a hole three shots above par is known as a triple bogey.


An albatross is a golfing term used to describe completing a hole in three shots under par. This term is only applicable to par five holes and is used if somebody completes the hole in just two shots.


An eagle is a term used to describe completing a hole in two shots under par. So, for example, completing a par four hole in just two shots is known as an eagle.

Hole in one

A hole in one is exactly what it says it is, hitting the ball in the hole off the tee in just one shot. Par three holes are the most common holes for somebody to get a hole in one in because they are the shortest.


A bunker is also known as a sand trap and is a hole in the ground purposely put on a on a course that is full of sand. It is designed to catch players out and make the course more difficult.

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July 1 2011 6 01 /07 /July /2011 08:46

Golf tees are small devices which are pushed into the ground and are used to prop a golf ball slightly up in to the air to give a golfer an advantage when hitting their first shot on a hole. This article gives and overview of the pros and cons of personalised golf tees.

What are personalised golf tees?

Personalised golf tees are normal golf tees which have an imprinted message or logo on them either on the stem of the tee or on the top of the tee where the ball is placed. This message might be a company's slogan, somebody's personal name or initials or even a company's logo.


Personalized golf tees are a great way for companies to advertise to a mass audience, especially in the professional game. They can also make a nice gift to somebody who is in to golf if it is personalised for them. There are definite postive points and negtive points to personalised golf tees though.

Positive points

Promotion for the company

Personalised golf tees can be a great way for businesses and companies to promote themselves on the golf course, especially in professional golf when the TV cameras are rolling.

Each time the camera zooms in on the golf ball before it is teed off, the audience will be reminded of the companies brand and it will be imprinted in their mind.

Easy to be found when lost

They can even be useful when it comes to ordinary golf players as tees often get lost and are found thanks to the branding. When another golfer comes across such tee, they will see the branding on the tee. This can also be a great technique with printed golf balls as they are lost and found in the same manner.


For players, they can also be an advantage because it will mean that they will gain added income from the sponsorship of having a company's brand on their tees.

Negative points

The negative points of imprinted golf tees come more from an advertiser's point of view than a player's.

Advertising of another company during an event

If a golf event is already being sponsored, the event organisers probably would not be happy with another company being advertised on the course because they would have already paid a lot of money for their company to be advertised.

Lost and broken easily

On top of this, even though they are fairly inexpensive, tees are reguarly lost or broken (particuarly wooden tees) by players and are constantly having to be replaced which can result in the cost of replacing the tees mounting up

This is a Golf Tee
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June 18 2011 7 18 /06 /June /2011 08:59

Legacy golf resort is located in the depths of the Arizona, Sonoran desert, just outside of Phoenix city centre, on an oasis just below Arizona's south mountain. It hosts a championship golf course as well as hotel suites, spa facilities, a pool, a fitness centre and a tennis court.

The course

Legacy golf course is a Championship18 hole course which is 6,946 yards in length, off the longest tees, and plays at a par 72. It was built and designed in 1999 by reknowned golf architect Gary Parks. The course is known for its wide fairways and well kept greens but the course's signature hole is the final hole which you encounter on the course, the 18th.

At 558 yards in length and combined with a nice water hazard to the left of the fairway, it is a bit of a monster. The course caters for golfers at all levels and is opened to the public as a community golf course as well as to those staying in the resort. Booking a tee time is essential in order to get on to the course.

The Resort


As a Phoenix resort, Legacy golf resort does not just offer a championship golf course but also an array of other facilities.

Ideal for meetings

With over 300 hotel suites, the resort is able to host large numbers of people meaning it is a popular get a way for business meetings as well as for groups looking for sports outings and general sporting events.


As well as a fitness centre, a swimming pool and tennis courts, the resort also boasts its own spa facilities which offer a huge range of massages from a useful golfers massage for those coming off the course all the way through to a maternity massage for mums to be.

Hikes, bingo and poker

For those not in to golf, the resort boasts everything from guided hikes through the mountains right through to bingo and poker. It even boats a mystery castle and hosts big parties on special holidays such as Independence day and Halloween.

Final word

Located only ten minutes from Sky Harbour international airport, it is easy to get to as well as only being just outside Phoenix city centre allowing easy access to every possible need.

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