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July 14 2011 5 14 /07 /July /2011 06:12

Planning a successful hen night is not nearly as easy as you might think. If you are not careful and do not plan the event well enough ,you could well end up having a stinker! To avoid this, we recommend that you give it a great deal of thought and planning to make sure that you get your hen night right. Here are a few questions we would recommend you ask yourself before you decide on anything for your hen do:

Who and how many people are you going to invite?

Hen weekends are events which require a fair number of people to get them going. However, if you invite too many people, the hen group will splinter. It is recommended that you invite as many of the bride’s good mates as far as possible whilst really cutting down the number of acquaintances. Anywhere between 8-20 people attending a hen night is a good number. However, this will really depend on how many good mates the bride has.

Where and when should you go?

A hen night being held the night before the wedding is a really bad idea. This much, we presume, you have probably figured out. A hen do anywhere from two to five weeks before the actual wedding is fine. We would recommend that the hen do is less of a hen night and more of a hen weekend.

This will give you time to really get in to the hen night party spirit. We would also suggest that you and the girls do your partying away from home (for obvious reasons). By incorporating a daytime activity (either pampering or something more active) in to your hen weekend, you will ensure that the group does not get drunk too quickly. It will also allow any members of the group who do not know each other to be able to meet properly and help bond the hen weekend group.

How should you arrange it?

Ideally, start getting numbers together five months before the hen night and start collecting money as soon as possible (once you have decided who to invite and where to go). Otherwise, you will find that a load of people drop out from the hen night at the last minute.

Next, contact a specialist who can get you the best hotels, activities and nightlife as it is a lot of work to do it all on your own. Once this is all done and arranged, have a ball of weekend and enjoy yourselves!

A woman dances on the bar at a Hen party in San Francisco, USA. | Sou
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