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July 21 2011 5 21 /07 /July /2011 07:24

The Mystery Hunters is a Canadian documentary series which sees the Mystery Hunters team investigate reports of real-life mysteries. It is aimed at a young audience and the show puts emphasis on using scientific rigour to try to find plausible explanations for the sightings and eye-witness accounts that trigger their investigations.

The hunters

The Mystery Hunters are led by teenage hosts Araya Megesha and Christina Broccolini along with the third member of their team Doubting Dave, the scientist who is played by real-life scientist David Acer. The two hosts are the only two who go to a wide variety of locations when investigating.


In most Mystery Hunters episodes, they go to seperate locations in order to gain more information. However, sometimes they do go to the same place. Meanwhile, Doubting Dave stays in the science lab and appears in two segments in each show.

The first segment sees him answer questions that are sent to him by fans of the show whilst the second segment usually sees him conduct some sort of experiment that is relevant to the show's topic.

Mysteries investigated

The Mystery Hunters investigate reports of a wide number of things. These include, ghosts, legendary creatures, monsters, vampires and UFO's. These include mysteries such as Bigfoot, who was featured in the very first episode, as well as Loch Ness, the Bermuda Triangle and many UFO sightings.

Programs popularity

Since the program was first aired in 2002, it had aired seventy eight episodes (as of July 2011) and ran through four different seasons.

First DVD

The program's first DVD was released in Canada in 2007 under the title, 'Mystery Hunters: Beatly Beings and Monsterous Mysteries.' This DVD release was followed up by a second DVD in 2008 entitled, 'Gotcha, 18 amazing ways to freak out your friends.'


The program has also been made into its own online game that was released towards the end of 2010. The game was published in a comic book style format mainly featuring puzzle games that need solving in order to advance through thirteen stages.

A final word

The show is also aired in the U.S and in Japan where the original Canadian footage is used but then dubbed over into Japanese.

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