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  • The dwarf planets

    15 July 2011 ( #Space & Astronomy )

    From the year 1930 up until 2006, you were always taught that there were nine planets in our solar system. Then, seemingly out of know where, scientists told us that in fact, there were only eight planets in our solar system and that Pluto was no longer...

  • Types of ice hockey equipment

    28 June 2011 ( #Sports equipment )

    Ice hockey is a full contact sport and so a lot of equipment is worn by the players for protection. As well as the equipment worn by the players, standard equipment is required in order to play the game. Standard player equipment All Ice Hockey players...

  • Where to buy Rugby League shirts?

    28 July 2011 ( #Sports equipment )

    Rugby League shirts may not be as readily available as football shirts or even Rugby Union shirts, but there are many choices if you take the time to search the market. This article will give details on the best places for you to purchase UK Rugby League...

  • All about: Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

    29 June 2011 ( #Team sports )

    Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is located in Crystal Palace in South London. It is home to Britain's premier athletics stadium as well as a large sports centre and was officially opened in 1964. Prior to this re-opening, the sports centre was rich...

  • All about: Mystery Hunters

    21 July 2011 ( #Television )

    The Mystery Hunters is a Canadian documentary series which sees the Mystery Hunters team investigate reports of real-life mysteries. It is aimed at a young audience and the show puts emphasis on using scientific rigour to try to find plausible explanations...

  • Biography: James Ward

    17 June 2011 ( #Tennis )

    Not many people would have heard of James Ward before his unbelievable run at Queens last week. Before the tournament, he was ranked 216th in the world but last week he beat three players ranked in the top 50, including the reigning champion Sam Querrey,...

  • A guide to Match1 betting website

    01 September 2011 ( #Tennis )

    Matchpoint1.yolasite.com is a free website that provides you with top betting tips in the world of men's professional tennis. This article looks at the website in more detail. Sections Matchpoint1.yolasite.com has two different sections; one providing...

  • Early Learning Centre: The facts

    13 July 2011 ( #Toys & gifts )

    The Early Learning Centre is a British chain of shops that specialises in selling toys aimed at very young children. This article helps you to be well-acquainted to the Early Learning Centre. History of the store History The company was originally set...

  • How to draw cartoon people?

    22 July 2011 ( #Art & Design )

    Drawing cartoon people can be simple and easy when you know how to go about doing it. This article explains in simple step-by-step instructions how to do this. Guidelines When drawing anything, it is always a good idea to draw out guidelines first. Make...

  • How to draw cars like a pro?

    27 July 2011 ( #Art & Design )

    Drawing cars can be very difficult when you do not know how. In this article, we look at how to draw a car, specifically the Italian super car, a Ferrari in easy "how to draw" step-by-step instructions. The frame Before we start the Ferrari drawing, you...

  • How to draw Sponge Bob

    20 July 2011 ( #Art & Design )

    Sponge Bob Square Pants is one of the most popular children cartoon characters and is fairly simple to draw. This article explains how you can draw pictures of Sponge Bob and impress all of your friends and demonstrate that you don't need to know how...

  • Five cool optical illusions

    26 July 2011 ( #Art & Design )

    Optical illusions are characterised by perceived images that differ from objective reality. Information that is given to the eye is processed by the brain to give a perception of reality. Sometimes, the brain gets things slightly confused and this results...

  • Fun kid's science experiments

    19 July 2011 ( #Chemistry )

    Science experiments are a great way of making science become fun for kids. Here are some fun experiments. Make an egg float For this experiment, you need an egg, water, salt and a tall drinking glass. Firstly, pour the water into the glass until it is...

  • A guide to different golf terms

    26 July 2011 ( #Golf )

    Golf is a sport that is filled with terminology that is only relevant to the sport. Therefore, for people who are not familiar with the sport, golf terms can be confusing. This article provides you with a brief guide of golfing terminology. Par All golf...

  • The five best tips for buying a mobile phone

    09 August 2011 ( #Mobile communications )

    When buying a mobile phone, there are many things that you should consider. This article details our top five tips for buying mobile phones in the U.K. Pick your company Before choosing a phone, if you're not already tied into mobile plans, you will need...

  • All about baby elephants

    05 August 2011 ( #Wild animals )

    Elephants are fascinating creatures as a species but their babies are also extremely interesting in their own way. This article takes a look at some interesting facts regarding baby elephants. Gestation period The gestation period of an animal is roughly...

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